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DH 89 Dragon Rapide Scottish Airways

Dostępność: na wyczerpaniu
Wysyłka w: 10 dni
Cena: 726,70 zł 726.70
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Ocena: 4.40001
Producent: Lukgraph
Kod produktu: 32-27



First batch of kits sold out. Next 30 kits will be added to shop about 20-25th May.

Shipping due Coronovirus pandemic.
To the USA, Australia and the UK - an economic package, you can already send priority to most European countries.
If in doubt, you can ask for shipping. Remember that money can be returned until shipment.
There may be delays in the delivery of the model - there is always contact with us.
Due to the great interest may be problems with the availability of the model, the next 20 pieces will be thrown in mid-May and then the next. There will be plenty of models - we will do them where there is demand, it may be delayed in time, but they will be.


De Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide probably doesn't need an introduction, everyone knows it. We have always liked its shape. Therefore, we decided to release it in 1:32 scale. It is really big by the standards of models produced in resin (dimensions in 1:32 scale is 456 x 332 mm).

The set will include:
- resin castings with reinforced by wire struts and wings
- 3D printed Gipsy Six x 2 engine with exhaust pipes
- 3D-printed passenger seats 8 pcs
- 3D printed interiors the pilot's cabin
- 3D printed engine cover x 2
- photo-etched sheet
- decals
- instruction
- foil masks for main cabine
- laser cut side windows x 2 (one reserve)
- proffesionally vacuformed negative cabine x 2 (one reserve)
- 3 painting schemes (military operators)

The aircraft in the pre-war, war and post-war period was very popular. Many of them fly today to enjoy tourists and aviation enthusiasts.
Paintings of civil aircraft are particularly beautiful.
At the present time, the modeler has no problem making masks or decals for 1 piece (your favorite). We can always help in technical preparation of the project (especially for civilian versions).


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